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Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk - Multi Colored

  • Multi Colored Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk
  • Multi Colored Motorcycle Helmet Mohawk
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Product Description


This is a new Helmets Inc. MULTI COLORED MOTORCYCLE HELMET MOHAWK for use on multiple types of high-gloss finish helmets: Motorcycle Helmets, Motocross Helmets, Snowmobile Helmets, Snowcross Helmets, ATV Helmets, Quad Helmets, fourwheeler Helmets, BMX Helmets, and Bike helmets. Workers, put them on your hard hat and show some character. These will make you more visible at the races. Parents, you will finally be able to see your kids! It's a hot-new item, a way to 'stand out' from others, gain attention, and bring some more fun into the sport. Other colors (Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink and Orange). Mohawk only (the helmet is not included). Attaches Via Velcro.